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Hi, I'm Michael Dunne and thank you for dropping by!

As I've worked to illustrate on the home page, I navigate this life trying to use both sides of my brain - often bouncing back and forth between the two.


On the right—creative—side, I'm an author working on novels, short stories, and the (very) occasional blog post. On the left—supposedly analytical—side, I am an editor, proofreader, and technical writer.

Born in South Carolina and raised in Florida, I've lived in England, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I've traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. I'm privileged to have visited Thailand, India, and several countries in Africa.

This background has uniquely prepared me for several things:

  • Leveraging this global, professional experience to better serve my editing, proofreading, and writing clients

  • Applying these phenomenal life experiences to create unique and engaging stories for my readers

  • Answering the call to employ the lessons learned in these diverse environments to better serve the people of Haiti

I hope you will take some time to browse the site and see what there is to see. Whether you are just passing through, have a service need, or are looking for an engaging read, you've come to the right place.

When not keeping my nose to the literary grindstone, I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing with our (spoiled rotten) German Shepherd, Tika, and plotting ways to drop in on our grown sons unannounced.


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