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Dawn's Light

Dawn's Light is Book Two in my exciting New Kingdoms  fantasy series and continues the adventures of Atrius and Raven. Atrius, condemned for killing his father, and Raven, banished for breaking a sacred tribal law, have returned to the Haunted Mountains, intent on confronting Xanthorpe, a mysterious and ephemeral wizard; the one who sent them on the quest for the Night's Edge, and nearly caused their deaths.

Thinking that the danger is over, Atrius and Raven have more to learn about the secretive Xanthorpe, and about themselves.....

Dawn's Light Updates:

January 17, 2017: I continue to work hard and remain focused on Night's Edge. Still, I can't just leave a blank here, so please enjoy the sample below from the opening chapter of Dawn's Light. As always, if you would like to comment or provide feedback, please don't hesitate to leave a note via the Contact page and let me know what you think!

With the final caveat that the passage below is very early days, I bid you, "Read on...."

Dawn's Light - Chapter 1 (excerpt):

   Candle and torchlight quivered on uneven rock walls. Reflections from complicated-looking objects gleamed like little stars held prisoner in this hidden sanctum. Atrius bent over a table and reached out to touch a dark metal tube that was bobbing back and forth above a wooden plate filled with water.

   “Don’t.” The word carried authority, even though it was spoken just loud enough for the young woodsman to hear.

   Atrius quickly withdrew his hand and moved back to stand beside Raven. They exchanged uncertain glances and stood silent, waiting.

   Xanthorpe rose from where he had been kneeling in a corner, facing a small, indistinct image carved into the rock. Dressed in his usual black robes, the wizard seemed to glide toward the pair, rather than walk. As he drew closer, so did the light, putting the image behind into shadow.

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