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Editorial Services

Merriam-Webster defines service (noun ser·vice \ˈsər-vəs\) as, variously:

  • The occupation or function of serving <in active service>

  • Employment as a servant <entered his service>

  • The work performed by one that serves <good service>

  • Help, use, benefit <glad to be of service>

  • Contribution to the welfare of others

  • Disposal for use <I'm entirely at your service>

How do I define service?

In a corporate environment, I might trot out a vision statement like, "Michael Dunne Writes will provide the highest level of literary aid to our clients."

I could follow that with a snappy mission statement: "Michael Dunne Writes will collaboratively optimize and return error-free intellectual capital to our clients while maintaining the highest professional, ethical and industry standards."

However, if you unpack them, the Merriam-Webster definitions above provide a better overall picture regarding what I work to achieve on each client's behalf.

  • I want my clients to know that my primary occupation is serving them

  • As a service provider, I want my clients to derive tangible benefits as a result of the work I undertake for them

  • When a client and I agree to collaborate on a project, my goal is their welfare and I am - as antiquated as it sounds - at their service

At the same time, my life does not revolve around the keyboard. My heart for service roams farther abroad than the written word. For the previous six years I've enjoyed serving the people of Haiti from Mirebalais to Les Cayes to Minoterie to Camatin and beyond.

While engaged on a writing, proofreading or editing project, I am truly at my client's service. When I am in Haiti, I bring the same dedication and commitment to excellence in every undertaking.

Please browse the individual pages dedicated to the services I provide. If you decide that your needs intersect closely with my ability to serve you, please contact me and let's begin working toward your success.


I understand the importance of selecting the right editor; one who is easy to work with, understands and respects your voice, and is collaborative - not dictatorial.

To help you decide if I am the right editor for your project, I offer a complimentary sample edit or proofread to new clients. The sample size is up to 1,250 words - the equivalent of five (5) manuscript pages.

Simply complete the Contact form and let me know you want to try before you buy!

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