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Short Stories

Short stories are one of the ways I vacation from the rigors of writing novels and completing service projects for my fellow authors. Creating a book-length project of somewhere in the realm of 100,000 words consumes a great deal of mental capital. However, other story ideas do not stop appearing in my head just because I'm writing or editing a novel - and these ideas need an outlet.


I've published several short stories over the last few years and they are out there, waiting for you to discover and read:

These short works offer readers an eclectic mix of story lines from which to choose. Does dark Arabian fantasy appeal? How about knights and dragons, or high-tension science fiction? Perhaps a Gothic fantasy featuring a deadly highwayman is more to your liking. Can't decide? Why not start with Angel, a free story available to read online or download via PDF.

Whatever your preferences, I look forward to sharing these stories with all of my visitors!


For more information on my published and soon-to-be published short stories, please click on any of the bullet-listed titles above or on any of the buttons below:

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