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As a writer with decades of experience, I understand the importance of clear and correct written communication. Whether for business or creative purposes, if your documents don't have the right stuff, they will never leave the launch pad. 

Proofreading services offer a thorough review of your manuscript or other documents* for punctuation, spelling and grammar. I won't rewrite your work (that's a different service), but I will ensure what you have written is clean and correct.

According to Thomas Means, "Proofreading differs from editing in that it mainly involves looking for errors or omissions rather than improving writing style or tone."

 - Business Communication, 2010

Please remember, proofreading should primarily resolve minor mistakes in punctuation, spelling and so forth, and is the last step before publication. If a proofreading project begins to morph into a copy editing project, I will pause and contact you to discuss the scope of work and if need be, we can agree upon a more appropriate fee structure.

Proofread - Long Documents (Greater than 10,000 words)
 - $1.85 per page**

Proofread - Short Documents (10,000 words or less)
 - $50 flat rate (per story or non-fiction document) 


* MS Word format is preferred but other document formats can be supported/discussed as needed.

** For all projects, a page is considered 250 manuscript words.

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Michael Dunne

proudly subscribes to the

Chicago Manual of Style

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