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Projects & References

Before trusting me with your service needs, I urge you to review my references and recent project highlights. I have decades of hard-earned experience with corporate editing, proofreading and writing projects in the aerospace and telecommunications industries. That has been augmented over the last ten years or so with creative and freelance successes. When you are ready to discuss your project, please contact me and let's get started!

You may wonder why I put references at the top of the page. I believe, more than anything I can tell you about my abilities and experience, what my clients have to say speaks volumes:

Angela Ackerman, co-author (along with Becca Puglisi) and co-founder of
Writers Helping Writers™ and One Stop for Writers
"What an absolute pleasure to work with Michael. Over the course of five (5) books, my co-author and I have outsourced editing work to many individuals, and we know just how difficult it is to find the right fit. Michael was nothing short of amazing – professional, prompt, and he understood the scope of the work. His proofing edits were easy to read and therefore easy to implement, which I sincerely appreciated being under a tight deadline. If you need a second pair of eyes on your manuscript, make sure they are Michael's."
David Wood -
Gryphonwood Press
"I highly recommend Michael Dunne's proofreading and editing services. Prompt, thorough, and professional. A pleasure to work with!"

Blake Brown -
"Mike is a fantastic technical writer. As a small business owner who won a large telecommunications proof of concept project, I needed a writing specialist who could present the entire project - from the technology abstract to a detailed network configuration procedure - in a professional, accurate and attractive format for my customer. Mike worked closely with me during the entire project to design, author and deliver an excellent 300+ page project document. Thanks to Mike's efforts, we successfully completed the project documentation deliverables on time and under budget."

Recent editing/proofreading projects:

The Urban Setting Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to City Spaces
by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi
 - JADD Publishing, June 2016

The Rural Setting Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Personal and Natural Places
by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi
 - JADD Publishing, June 2016

Justice by David Wood and Edward G. Talbot
 - Gryphonwood Press, February 2016

The Imposter Prince
by David Debord and Ryan A. Span
 - Gryphonwood Press, June 2015

Gates of Iron by David Debord
- Gryphonwood Press, May 2015

Keeper of the Mists
by David Debord
 - Gryphonwood Press, April 2015

The Silver Serpent
by David Debord
 - Gryphonwood Press, March 2015

Electra by David Wood and Rick Chesler
 - Gryphonwood Press, November 2014

Descendant by Sean Ellis
 - Gryphonwood Press, October 2014

Oracle by David Wood and Sean Ellis
 - Gryphonwood Press, September 2014

Liberty by David Wood and Edward G. Talbot
 - Gryphonwood Press, August 2014

Dead Ice by David Wood and Steven Savile
 - Gryphonwood Press, July 2014

Recent creative publications:

The Shareholder is a suspenseful science fiction short story

 - Draft2Digitial, May 2015


A Fool Indeed is a traditional fantasy short story

 - Draft2Digital, March 2015


The Fire of Iblis is a dark Arabian fantasy short story

 - Published in Someone Wicked - a Written Remains Anthology

 - Edited by Weldon Burge and JM Reinbold

 - Smart Rhino Publications, November 2013

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